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Any woman believing in the philosophy of the Republican Party and in the objectives of this club that pays their annual dues and is a registered voter is eligible and welcome for membership. We encourage members to attend meetings, volunteer time, give support, and help Republican candidates get elected. As an ACTIVE member you will receive the BCRW newsletters, email updates of activities, the TFRW quarterly magazine, the NFRW magazine, and have full club voting rights and privileges.

Membership categories and respective annual dues are as follows:

  • Active Membership: $35.00 per year

  • Associate Membership: $20.00 per year, available to women who are already active members of another club that is affiliated with TFRW. She cannot hold office, vote, or be counted for the purpose of determining the number of delegates to National or State Federation meetings or conventions. As an Associate member she does not become a member of the State or National Federation.

  • Associate Men: $25.00 per year, Republican men are eligible for Associate membership. They cannot hold office and have no voice or vote.​

We encourage you to get involved! Click the link below to open the Membership Form. Feel free to print this out, fill it in and return to us. TicketSpice is also availble to pay your dues with a credit card.

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